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Client Computing

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Offering high-class cloud computing to all the clients, Blueberry beads always stand out with its superlative services. Parallelly moving on customized and cost-effective solutions simultaneously, make sure to sore the productivity and efficiency of the business and let it climb success height. Using advanced technology opens up doors for clients to opt for high potential gains. Mixing our expertise, proficiency, and skills all together we offer splendid results to all our connected clients to cheers their link with us for lifelong.

Servers & Storage

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Blueberry beads is now the name of the leading provider of server and storage in Lucknow. Along with dispensing network solutions, managing information technology services, data security, and system integration it helps the customers to get what they want. Glued on the path to yield the best services using strategic alliances and the latest technologies, Blueberry beads manages to help by following the perfect way towards success. Maintaining a one-to-one relationship it designs, builds, and manages the issues related to and spreads a healthy environment between the two.


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Blueberry beads is one of the prime software Companies in Lucknow that create reliable business management solutions. Our flawless customer support and expertise in the technical field turn us worthy in the sphere of services. The unique features in the software being specially tailored as per the need of the company always meet the dart. The software helps companies, firms, to dive into the digital world keeping the customer’s priority in mind.


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Networking plays a key role in making a chain from consumer to partner to vendor and again back to its own position. The digital network helps to switch dynamically the business needs of any firm. Under the umbrella of security, simplicity, operational efficiency, and ability by expertise, we provide reliable support to our customers. Our only way of moving forward is to develop a comprehensive approach with the clients to let them have a feel of reliability.

Following certain directives being set by the company, Blueberry beads serve outstanding amenities like –

▪️ Always adopting the latest technologies to meet the demand.
▪️ Catchy deals and commercials to upshot the total cost of ownership and return on investment.
▪️ Concurring every tit and bit for best utilization of technology.
▪️ Flexibility for clients to meet their needs.
▪️ Clients support that is always ready to respond and sort out issues in the blink of an eye.

Our networking solution includes:

▪️ Enterprise networks
▪️ Mobility
▪️ Datacenter networking
▪️ Software-defined networking
▪️ Collaboration


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More and more businesses are moving to the cloud. It’s not a fashion statement in the IT world — there lies a definite need to move from traditional software models to the internet. Notably, Cloud Computing Solutions has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. The way forward is very promising and rewarding as the next-generation cloud computing solutions are designed to collaborate everywhere, through mobile devices.

By doing so, businesses users and organizational professionals will be able to access software and applications from any part of the globe. In many cases, we notice that the computer programs are being hosted by third-party and reside in the cloud. These factors help the business owners to stay focused on what they are doing, and they need not be worried about managing and controlling the entire process – in simple – they can simply enjoy the result.

Network Security

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Being aware of cyber crimes and threats happening around us and believing security to be the top priority, we follow all the possible safety measures for our clients. With our team of experts, we offer high-class security services that aim high to dilute the risk factors and emerge to manage business requirements.

We just don’t follow the path to accomplish the project rather stay tuned to make it happen the best possible way bounded by a secured layer. This turns out our crucial spike where our clients have faith that we always keep them and their security before anything. This maintains long-lasting relation among the two connected people to work together without the thought of any risk.

Printing & Scanning Solutions

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In the field of printing and scanning, Blueberry beads stands at the very initial position to provide outstanding results. We are a chief service provider for blank stickers, barcode labels, barcode scanners, thermal printers, scanner printers, etc. These elevated quality products have high market demand to be used in schools, offices, homes, hospitals, and other many concerned places.

Displays & Projectors

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Blueberry beads offers an elite projector and display screen service in Lucknow that cater to a wide variety of products under one roof. The high-class quality promises to stay in order for a long time. The projectors being sold under the banner give cent percent results regardless of their location and or purpose being used for.

It didn’t need any technical knowledge to show its amazing result as it’s easy and handy to use. With every passing day, we are growing our family by adding happy clients to our list. Our services allow different people to affix with us and stay connected for life. It’s just our name that fills a feel of satisfaction among clients about the quality of the product being dispatch by us.


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Blueberry beads make its appearance different from others by always staying one step ahead. In a proactive approach, it makes sure to support the clients with its products and services while monitoring on the basis of real-time data.

This not only provides valuable information but also helps in sorting Operational issues being raised.


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Every time I call for assistance, everyone I speak to is very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate it.
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It was great and handled very fast. They worked around my conference call and fixed the issue right away.
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